Financial consulting

Financial consulting is a set of services to optimize the structure of financial management. The main objective of financial consulting is to increase the profitability of the organization by finding new sources of investment and efficient capital management.

NIAR has all the necessary resources and skills to increase the competitiveness and profitability of your company.

We are building an efficient financial management system:
work out a development strategy for a specified period, find sources of additional financing, and develop a financial strategy. Our advice on solving key financial problems helps management of the company take balanced and correct decisions.

We increase the company's profit within pre-agreed terms.


NIAR works with each and every company. We have no borders. We help implement projects at any stage. If you do not have enough resources or the existing funding system has proved ineffective, we will choose the optimal loan conditions or attract investments.

We release customers from the need to maintain a whole staff of high-value specialists in the field of investment and financial planning.

Our approach to work is based on flexibility and multitasking, even if these tasks require involvement of specialists from completely different areas: we create unique condition of cooperation with each client to address their individual needs.

First of all, we help build a sound financial policy, due to which the company's turnover is gradually growing, including at the expense of borrowed capital. This results in dramatic increase of the company's competitiveness.

Depending on the tasks that need to be addressed, financial consulting can include, e.g., market research and forecasting of the economic situation, efficiency assessment of import and export operations, analysis of possible options of the company's marketing policy, subsequent selection of the most effective policy, and much more.


  • fundraising: lending, investments (external and internal, including private capital)
  • finance: business planning, modeling, etc., budgeting, optimization of business processes
  • marketing: market research, geopolitical research, marketing promotion
  • alternative energy: evaluation of project attractiveness, involvement of partners / investors, energy audit
  • agricultural area: evaluation of project attractiveness, involvement of partners / investors, customized land pool formation
  • infrastructural projects: project development and approval, project management

We are experts in financial consulting in the areas of trade, construction, agriculture, investment, industrial development, and business infrastructure. To discuss your questions and to start cooperation, please contact us at the telephone number below or use the feedback form in «Contacts».