Computer literacy school

Project background: Modern world requires computer literacy and ability to use the achievements of information technology. Without proper knowledge in this field, it is extremely difficult to interact with the society, gain new knowledge, learn about opportunities for development and find a decent job. To date, a significant part of Ukrainians is deprived of this opportunity. In the 21st century, Ukrainian children do not have vital skills of computer literacy and access to the latest information technologies. Children from socially unprotected families (orphans, children deprived of parental care, children from low-income families) and children with disabilities are particularly vulnerable. Can we afford losing this generation? What could be the future of a country, in which tens of thousands of children do not have a future? Also, one should remember about retirees who find it difficult to keep pace with the times.

In addition, the problem of reorientation and assistance to displaced persons from the East of Ukraine and veterans of the Anti-terrorist operation is extremely urgent nowadays.

Information technology is a niche where success and professional skills practically do not depend on a person's physical condition. Proof of this is hundreds of workers with disabilities, who have become employees of leading IT companies around the world with their work. Ukrainian programmers are considered qualified specialists in this field. Support of IT and information education can become a promising strategic direction in Ukraine's development.

Concept: creation of a free IT school with an extensive network of classes throughout Ukraine for socially disadvantaged children and children with disabilities, displaced persons and ATO veterans.
The objective of the national project is to create equal conditions in the labor market for socially disadvantaged and disabled people; to provide these categories of citizens with free knowledge in the field of information technology and ensure jobs for the best project graduates.


  • General knowledge of computer science
  • Programming
  • Web design
  • The study of the principle of work of modern IT-technologies
  • Evening courses for retirees

The project will be held in several stages; the first will be the opening of a school in Kiev. In the future, it is planned to gradually expand the network of schools throughout Ukraine. Detailed information about the project implementation will be published on our website in the near future.

For details, go to «Best of the Nation» website.