Social projects

In addition to promoting social responsibility of business, we also implement our own social projects. NIAR invests more than 10% of its revenues in charity and social projects, especially in the development of educational projects.

Our expertise and good standing allow us to organize various charitable social initiatives and projects. We constantly cooperate with partner organizations that help us achieve common goals of social development.


  • Within the framework of the “Financial Literacy School” project on the basis of the Charitable Foundation “BEST OF THE NATION”, with the support of the Ukrainian branch of the International Federation of Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs JCI Ukraine, coworking center Sчасte Hub, we conduct a series of interactive lectures on finance, investment and business aimed at the socialization of ATO participants and displaced persons, as well as development of socially responsible business.
  • Together with partners, we implement the “ACW” (Active Citizen’s Workshop) project to conduct free trainings for volunteers, socially active people and businesses dedicated to fundraising, personal growth and efficiency, volunteering, project management, etc.
  • Our nearest plan is to implement the “Computer Literacy School” project to help socially vulnerable children, people with disabilities, migrants and veterans of the Anti-terrorist operation obtain additional competitive skills in the field of IT.