The exchange of information begins with the formulation of an idea or selection of information.


The result of weighing all the components in the inherent exchange of information creates a concept.


The final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively.

Financial consulting

Financial consulting is a set of services to optimize the structure of financial management. The main objective of financial consulting is to increase the profitability of the organization by finding new sources of investment and efficient capital management.

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Trouble-shooter means “problem killer”, “problem eliminator»” or “chance giver”. Troubleshooting is first-class synergy of consulting and crisis management.

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Business management

The level of competition in both local and international markets is growing. Key players keep positions only through continuous development. When the search for new ideas and solutions by internal resources is exhausted, the company needs a fresh look of an independent business development consultant.

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Social projects

In addition to promoting social responsibility of business, we also implement our own social projects. NIAR invests more than 10% of its revenues in charity and social projects, especially in the development of educational projects.

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