Trouble-shooter means “problem killer”, “problem eliminator»” or “chance giver”. Troubleshooting is first-class synergy of consulting and crisis management.

Troubleshooter is a top-class specialist combining the skills of anti-crisis manager, marketer, political strategist, and lobbyist.

A team of professionals, headed by a troubleshooter, replaces bulky internal anti-crisis divisions of the company. We can operate within terms impossible for conventional business, work in extremely complex conditions and perform the most difficult tasks. Our troubleshooter works with companies of any area, in any country of the world.

NIAR manages and eliminates complex, crisis situations faced by companies, financial institutions, as well as political players and other personalities.

Our objective is to solve problems that could not be handled by company's internal specialists and external consultants. If these problems are addressed, this eliminates subsequent difficulties of organizational processes and brings the business to a qualitatively new level by increasing its competitiveness, enabling huge profits, etc.

In addition to professional skills, our specialists have unconventional thinking, the ability to look at things from an unusual perspective, to see solutions in non-standard situations.

Our customers often share our services, and we have long thought before making a statement. Therefore, you can become our client only if you have credentials.


  • Simple solutions — most effective and 100% error-free
  • Objectivity and cold-blooded actions
  • Minimizing loss of time and money